LarryBoy's Big Band was the band that created the LarryBoy Theme Song.

It features some asparagus singers, LarryBoy, and possibly some other musicians.

It works for I'm A Cucumber Records.
Larry-Boy Theme Song 0001

The Asparagus Singers

Band Members

  • Nicole C. Mullen - Lead singer
  • Lisa Vischer, Ginger Tam, Yvonne Lewis, and Christopher Cerf - Backup vocals
  • Mike Nawrocki - Lead singer
  • David Mullen - Brass and maracas
  • Kurt Heinecke - Trumpets and Keyboards
  • Charlie Brissette - Bass guitar
  • Christopher Cerf - Lead guitar
  • Brad Schlueter - drums
  • Ed Mitchell - percussion
  • Tim Johnson - Guitar
  • David Thomasson - saxophone
  • Tim Divers - trumpet

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