LIV LarryCopter
The Larry-Copter is the first veicle of LarryBoy's that is not a form of the LarryMobile. Alfred would probably drive it the most to transport an League of Incredible Vegetables member, such as Vogue or Ricochet. It is purple and yellow, just like the LarryMobile, and has 'LB' printed on the side. It even has four plungers which serve as landing gear and a fifth plunger which serced as a grapple. There is also a sixth plunger on top used to support the top propeller. The Larry-Copter appeared in The League of Incredible Vegetables. Close to the end, it got frozen by Dr. Flurry's Fear-Dar, and smashed into the ground, thus continuing the tradition of LarryBoy's vehicles always getting destroyed.


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