Hugo is a prideosaurus from Pride Island. His goal was to get school kids full of pride by showing off what they can do. He was seen in LarryBoy and the Prideosaurus


Hugo made his grand entrance at Junior Asparagus's school. He managed to entise Junior, Laura Carrot, and Davis the pea to show off how "awsome" they are at school, and then at the mall. But after LarryBoy got the kids to turn away from Hugo, he gets infuriated and challenges LarryBoy to a Burrito Eating Contest where the looser has to leave Bumblyburg forever. But because Hugo has been eating alot of food in the food court to show how "awsome" prideosauruses are at it, he ended up getting a full stomach instead and looses. LarryBoy then sends Hugo back to Pride Island in a boat.


  • Hugo has been saying "Awsome" alot to tempt people to show off. Unfortunatly, this also affects himself too.

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