VeggieTales in The House - Calling LarryBoy01:02

VeggieTales in The House - Calling LarryBoy

Calling LarryBoy is a song sung by Mayor Archibald and Bob the Tomato in For the Honor of LarryBoy


Archibald: Calling LarryBoy

Come and right our wrong

Archibald and Bob: Calling LarryBoy

Where has our hero gone?

Archibald: We turned the signal on

The light so bright and strong

So tell us, LarryBoy

Where has our hero gone?

Bob: Calling LarryBoy

Help ease out heavy load

Though we're not always grateful

We trust you uphold your honor code

Archibald: Calling LarryBoy

There's no time for stalling

Bob: Please come do the right thing

It is your higher calling

Archibald and Bob: Calling LarryBoy!

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