Awful Alvin
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Lampy, Angry Eyebrows (minions), Greta Von Gruesome




Larry Whitaker




Green Onion


The Underground Lair (Underneath the green grass of Bumblyburg Park where Sir Lester Bumbly's statue currently resides.)


Dracula design, high-collared black cape, brown bushy eyebrows, yellow eyes, sharp teeth and fangs, monocle on the left eye, white head, green body


To rule Bumblyburg. To release the angry eyebrows to seek out anger.

Powers / Skills


Alvin the Onion, otherwise known as Awful Alvin, is a major antagonist in the cartoon LarryBoy franchise.

He was in the episodes and the Angry Eyebrows, and The Good, The Bad, And The Eggly.

He has a sidekick named Lampy, and at one point had an army of Angry Eyebrows.

He is currently in jail, as stated by Daily Bumble Editor Bob the Tomato.

Alvin lives in an underground lair beneath the memorial statue of Sir Lester Bumbly, using the statue's monicle as a telescope to spy on Bumblyburg.

His design is similar to Dracula, including fangs, a high-collared black cape, and pet 'bats'. He also wears a monocle, which enlarges one of his eyes and gives him a crazed appearance.


According to various behind-the-scenes features on the LarryBoy and The Angry Eyebrows DVD, Awful Alvin was originally Awful Alvin The Avocado. They changed him to a green onion because they didn't feel like an avocado had enough feeling to it. (Plus, it can't really dance).


Dance with me Lampy!

Fly, my bushy minions, fly and seek out anger!

Attack my precious eyebrows, attack LarryBoy!

I simply love being bad, It makes me shimmy all over! I SHIMMY WITH BADNESS!

My plan is working perfectly. Here Lampy, you want to look?

If someone holds on to their anger, refusing to let go of it, my eyebrows can attach to their forehead!

Just you wait, Larry-Boy. Soon I will rule Bumblyburg. Me, Awful Alvin!



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